Lazy girl! Lazy girl! Ok so not literally, but how perfect is this dress guys! It just takes quirky to a whole new level. Sometimes life shouldn’t be taken as seriously as we think. Sometimes you just have to  chuck on a dress that looks like it belongs in a 6 year old girl and … Continue Reading


Ouch! This one hurts. Rejection is one of the most painful experiences a human being can endure. Rejection is also inevitable. Unfortunately in this wicked wild world we live in, we have to endure pain – rejection being one of many things that comes to mind when I think of painful situations. The fact is … Continue Reading

.As Fresh As Mykonos.

Fressssh… you all know how much i love a fresh minimal look right! well here it is, at its finest. I  travelled Europe last year, i went to embark on a spiritual journey with my best friends, we walked from France to Spain and it was wonderful! Once the trek was over, my fashion brain … Continue Reading


Let me ask you something. What company are you keeping? Strange question? Or extremely valid question? This question right here was the exact question I was asked three years ago and the exact question that I never forgot …. What company am I keeping? Who am I choosing to spend my time with? This wasn’t … Continue Reading


A few months ago, my darling friends and i thought it would be a great idea to go to laneway. Laneway being a music festival where people get all kinds of fucked up, forget about society and expectations for a moment and drift off to the sweet sound of some of the best musicians in … Continue Reading

.Handsome & Humble.

Joel Andersoen, have i told you i love you this week? Yes, ok probably a few hundred times LOL. Truth is you can never really love your best mates enough can you! Being that Joel and i are now working at different locations makes it extra special to get together and spend time together. Friendships … Continue Reading

.Talk To Strangers .

It’s 2017 and boy do we live in the fast lane!! Everything these days seems to be moving at lightning speed! Our phones have taken over our brains and a vast majority of our precious time, and I fear we are beginning to forget how to communicate. It’s so ironic. As much as I believe … Continue Reading

. Zimmermann Doll .

One of my bestie’s was so kind to have given me a juice voucher a few months back. Now thats not just any old juice voucher, thats a pressed earth juice voucher! Pressed earth are a Perth based company who provide the most amazing array of fresh cold pressed juices that come in the cutest … Continue Reading

.Quit comparing.

It’s no secret that we are living in a world now where social media has become a huge part of our lives. This can go two ways. It can either inspire us, or deplete us. With social media like Instagram and Facebook being somewhat of a shrine for the world to see and for us … Continue Reading

.White on Rice.

After being in Europe for a month with my ride or die Rhys!  I needed this outfit. We had trekked through the mud and rain of beautiful Spain wearing only 2 different sets of active wear for 7 days straight! Now as much as i love that shit!…. trekking is my thing! i also love … Continue Reading